Mount Bromo,   Bromo is an active volcano and one of the tourism highlights of East Java. The volcano is located in the Bromo Tengger National Park, an area famous for its striking of the easiest ways to get here is to take the famous Bromo Midnight Tour that leaves from Surabaya. As the name suggest you will leave around midnight in order to get to the volcano in the early hours of the morning where you can watch the majestic sun rise over the lip of the crater.

Sampoerna Museum , Sampoerna are a famous brand of clove cigarettes from Surabaya. The Museum documents the history of the company and is also a working cigarette factory.

The Sampoerna Museum is based in a grand colonial era building. The downstairs portion of the building houses the museum. There are lots of exhibits, many from the family collection, and old photos. As you tour the Museum you will see how the company started and how the advertising for Sampoerna has changed over time. On the second floor of the Museum is a viewing room over the working cigarette factory. The Museum also operates a free tourism bus around Surabaya. [] 

Jaddih Hill Madura, Besides karapan sapi, Madura has nature tourism object which is beautiful and exotic, named Jaddih Hill. It located in Jaddih village, Bangkalan.
Actually, Jaddih Hill is a mining area. This mining area formed a unique pattern on the hill accidentally. With beautiful scenery, Jaddih Hill turned into a tourism object which inviting tourists.To reach this place, we need about an hour from Surabaya with car or motorcycle. We are gonna pass Suramadu Bridge- the longest bridge in Indonesia.

Klenteng Sanggar Agung,   Klenteng Sanggar Agung is a large Chinese temple used by adherents of Tridharma. The temple is the perfect place to visit if you are looking to escape the busy streets of Surabaya. Klenteng Sanggar Agung temple is on the edge of the city and overlooks the ocean. With hundreds of burning candles and the smell of incense hanging in the air the temple has a calm and peaceful atmosphere

Trip to Batu, Malang

Batu Flower Garden, Coban Rais, Batu, Malang
Batu Flower Garden, Batu, Malang